Francisco José do Nascimento Carrapiço



• Born October 23, 1951 in Lagos, Portugal

Married, two daughters

Business Address


1958-1970 School and High School in Portimão
1976 Biology Degree, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon.
1985 PhD in Cell Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon



1986-7 Postdoc in the Arizona State University (Tempe, USA)

Academic and Research Areas

Related Activities

• Member of the People to People Citizen Ambassador Program since 1990. Involved in an international botanical team headed by Prof. Frank B. Salisbury of Utah State University (USA) that visited the former Soviet Union in 1990.

• Member of the American Association for the Advancement  of Science since 1992.

• Member of the Society for Scientific Exploration since 1996.

• Member of the International Symbiosis Society since 1997. Secretary since 2003 until 2009.

• Portuguese member of the Steering Committee of the CYANOFIX Program (European Science Foundation).

• Member of the Organizing Committee and Local Organizer of the Final Symposium on “Cyanobacterial Nitrogen Fixation: from Molecules to Ecological Systems of the European Science Foundation-CYANOFIX” – Tomar (Portugal) - September 25-29, 2002.

• Invited member of the Darwin Azolla Project team- "Paleoecology and biogeochemistry of the freshwater fern Azolla and its importance in global biogeochemical cycles". Utrecht University, Holland (2006-2009).


• Portuguese: speaking, reading and writing - excellent

• English: speaking and writing - good; reading- excellent

• French:  speaking and writing - good; reading- excellent

• Spanish: speaking and writing - poor; reading- good




"Le petit prince traversa de désert et ne recontra

q'une fleur. Une fleur à trois pétales, une fleur de rien de tout...

- Bonjour, dit le prince.

- Bonjour, dit la fleur.

- Où sont les hommes? demanda poliment le petit prince.

La fleur, un jour, avait vu passer une caravane:

- Les hommes? Il en existe, je crois, six ou sept.

Je les ai aperçus il ya des années. Mais on ne sait jamais où les trouver.

Le vent les promène. Ils manquent des racines, ça les gêne beaucoup."

                                                                      Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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